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Jerry's Cherries was in reality an empty lot in the middle of downtown, and 35 years later nothing has changed. The lot sits near the Mystic Theater, which at the time of the filming was called the State. Between the two sites is McNear's Restaurant, which appeared more recently in the 1996 film, Inventing the Abbotts.

At the rear of the Jerry's Cherries lot is a walkway through a brick wall, a scene that was used during the planning of the police car gag. In the photo from the movie, Bo Hopkins and Richard Dreyfuss are at the location discussing their plans.

A scene involving the vandalizing of a 1960 Cadillac was filmed at the foot of Western Avenue.

A major scene in the film occurred at Gilardi's Liquors on Bodega Avenue. It was here that Toad attempted to acquire liquor after a series of small disasters. First, he was going to ask a respectable gentleman who drove up in a '59 Chevy but he asked for the time instead. Then he asked a bum to buy some 'Old Harper', but instead the old man bought wine and left out the back door. Finally, he asked a customer who turned out to be a robber. He threw a bottle to Toad as he ran out of the store with the proprietor firing a gun several times at the thief.PHS locker

Another significant scene featured Curt attempting to open the locker at his old high school. The locker still exists on Petaluma High's C wing, and one could wonder if the student using the locker appreciates the significance of this bit of cinematic history.


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