Photos of the late, great Fitzgerald's Reno

Taken November 2008, page updated January 3, 2009

Right at the Arch


Front of the Fitz
Marquee on Virginia Street
Front of the Fitz
Front of the Fitz
Front of the Fitz Reno's most liberal blackjack
Front of the Fitz
Looking up at the front of the Fitz
Sidewalk view View from the sidewalk
Step inside the Fitz Mr. O'Lucky welcomes players into the Fitz
Mr. O'Lucky
Mr. O'Lucky
Pot 'o gold
Mr. O'Lucky's Pot 'o gold
Registration desk Hotel registration desk
Downstairs casino
The first floor casino
First floor casino  
Nickel slots Nickel slots
Lucky Lane Lucky Lane high roller slots
Downstairs bar

First floor bar, also was the stage in the movie Sister Act

Signs Up the escalator
Up the escalator To the second floor
Top of the escalator Some of the big Keno winners over the years
Top of the escalator The second floor casino
Lucky Forest
The Lucky Forest
Aladdin's Lamp Aladdin's Lamp
Lucky Forest
Distances and directions from the Lucky Forest
Near the Lucky Forest Exiting from the Lucky Forest, Ho-Tei on the right
Keno lounge Lucky Streak Keno Lounge
Keno, second floor Behind the Keno counter
Keno Place your Keno bet
Keno monitor Keno monitors throughout the casino
Reel Rapid Jackpots Reel Rapid progressives
Hot Shot Hot Shot progressives
Molly's Garden Molly's Garden
Lord Fitzgerald's Lord Fitzgerald's Restaurant
The Fitz Card The Fitz Card
View of Virginia Street
South view from the Fitz
Front during the day Out front early morning
The man out front
Passing out Lucky Forest tickets
Front during the day Marquee during the day
View from the trench View from Commercial Row
Down the street The view down Virginia Street
Photos as of January 2, 2009  
Fitz Jan 2009 After the closing
Fitz Jan 2009
Fitz Jan 2009  
Fitz Jan 2009  
Fitz Jan 2009  
The Nugget The only casino left on Fitzgerald's side of Virginia Street

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